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Financing options for Wine Barrels, Wine Equipment, Distillery Equipment, Spirit Barrels & Brewery Equipment

Wine Barrel Finance

Red Windows Capital specialises in helping wineries grow by providing financing solutions with wine-industry expertise. With a passion for wine and experience working in the wine industry, we can provide your winery business with support and wine barrel financing solutions. Red Windows Capital offer a solution for wineries to finance their barrels through a rental program, meaning the wine barrels become an operating expense and stays off balance sheets. We want to help you grow your winery business through clever financing, industry expertise and friendly-personal customer service. Our rental program has been designed to help wineries grow without needing to pay the large upfront payments involved in purchasing more wine barrels.

Winery Equipment Finance

Running a winery business involves a lot of wine and winery equipment. In order to grow your winery, you will at some point need to either upgrade or purchase new winery equipment. Australian suppliers require upfront payments, but a few purchases can instantly make this an unfeasible option. Red Windows Capital has worked in the winery industry for many years and have extensive knowledge of the financing industry so created a Winery Equipment Rental Program. This program has been designed to help businesses to buy the equipment they want through us and turn the equipment into an operating expense. We will work closely with you from the start to delivery, and make sure that you get the proper support needed throughout the whole process.

The leading alternative in finance for wine barrels and equipment.

Red Windows Capital is made up of a group of wine and beer industry experts who have an extensive knowledge of the financial industry. With a passion for helping wineries, breweries and distilleries grow through clever financing solutions; Norm, Mike, Jason and Ian want to be the financial support to help your business grow.

Vineyard Equipment Finance

Vineyards have a long list of equipment and products needed to operate and this equipment can be very expensive. With Australian suppliers only accepting out-right purchases, this can limit businesses as the upfront costs can be so high. Red Windows Capital have created a Vineyard Equipment Rental program that allows you to pick out the equipment that you need, and we will purchase it under our name. Your business can then “rent” the vineyard equipment from us, turning it to an operating expense that stays off balance sheets. Our program is designed to help businesses with less capital readily available, to still be able to purchase vineyard equipment and grow the company.

Financing for Brewing Equipment

To scale your Australian brewery, you’ll most likely need to purchase more brewery equipment or upgrade your equipment to produce more efficiently. However, brewing equipment can be very expensive, and the upfront costs required by suppliers can quickly limit businesses to only the capital they have on hand. Red Windows Capital wants to help breweries by utilising their healthy cashflow or steady funding, by designing a rental program for your needed brewing equipment. With our Brewing Equipment Rental Program, you can purchase the brewing equipment from a supplier under our name, with monthly payments going through us. This means that the brewing equipment becomes an operating expense and stays off balance sheets and allows you to get access to the equipment without the large upfront payment.

“Outstanding service and approval time. Red Windows helped our growth and expansion.”

— Brad Rey, Zontes Footstep.
McLaren Vale, South Australia.

Distilling Equipment Financing in Australia

Acquiring the specific distilling equipment needed for your business is a complicated process with little guidance. Financial support through banks involves no industry support and no personalised experience to help your business grow. Red Windows Capital wants to be the support system in this field; we can help your distillery with equipment financing solutions and the industry expertise needed when purchasing these products. We can help you with finding a good supplier, placing the orders, arranging delivery and communication with the supplier, and the supplier invoices are paid by us. Since the purchase is under Red Windows Capital, this means that your distilling equipment becomes an operating expense that stays off balance sheets, allowing you more flexibility with your business’ capital.

Harvesting Bins Financing

Wineries and vineyards will require harvesting bins in order to operate. Purchasing of a lot of these harvesting bins can quickly add up to costly upfront payments that instantly impact your capital. Red Windows Capital have created a Harvesting Bin Rental Program that allows you to find the harvesting bins that you are looking for and rent them through us instead. This means that grape bins, fruit bins, vegetable bins and harvest bins do not require the large upfront cost but become an operating expense. With years of experience in the winery industry and extensive knowledge of the financing sector; we aim to be the support you need from procurement, supplier communication and financial support that no other bank or business can offer.

Spirit Barrel Financing

Spirit Barrels can be an expensive upfront payment required to run and grow a spirit business in Australia. Banks offer financing options that could be an alternative financing solution, however their lack of knowledge of the industry results in unpersonal and unrealistic plans. Red Windows Capital have an extensive knowledge of the industry with years of experience in financing, resulting in a personal experience and the needed support throughout the process. Our rental program means that you can order the spirit barrels that you are after under our name, and “rent” them from us. This means that you alleviate the upfront cost, keep more capital readily available and get the support through the procurement and ordering process.

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