Brewing Equipment Financing in Australia

Financing for Brewing Equipment

Brewing Equipment Financing Options

Red Windows Capital offer financing options for breweries so they can grow their business in a scalable way. Purchasing Brewing Equipment with upfront payments can be very costly and our goal is to make growing your brewery business more financially viable whilst being supported with industry expertise.

Our rental program means that you can “rent” the brewing equipment that you want to buy from a supplier, meaning that this becomes an operating expense and stays off of the balance sheet. Brewing Equipment can include beer fermenters, grain mills, distilling systems and other equipment used at your Australian brewery.

Commercial Brewing Equipment

To grow your Australian brewery business, you’ll most likely need to acquire more brewery equipment. This process can often be quite difficult and involve a lot of industry experience to navigate efficiently. Red Windows Capital is made up of a team that has expert knowledge and experience in the financial industry with a passion for the Australian winery and brewery sector.

To grow a brewery, the procurement of commercial brewing equipment is necessary but not something that the local corner shop will have. With a confusing list of suppliers offering different equipment, different delivery dates and different forms of communication; it makes the buying of these industrial brewing systems and machines an extremely daunting task.

Brewing Equipment rentals

Red Windows Capital’s solution to this confusing industry procurement process is to streamline the process for brewery business owners into a simple package. We will work with you on placing the orders, arranging delivery and communicating with the suppliers and we will pay the supplier invoices.

This means that instead of paying the large upfront payment of the new machines and brewing equipment, it will become an operating expense that stays off the balance sheet. With our industry experience and knowledge of financing within this sector, we know that we can create a fantastic service for you that removes the stress of brewing equipment procurement and the large upfront costs.

Australian Breweries need a long list of equipment in order to produce their products and for the business to stay running. This costly procurement process can be very difficult as an upfront investment as it will require a large investment. This barrier can stop companies from starting up, but also slow the business from growing further in order to meet demand or try to meet a larger target audience.

Red Windows Capital’s rental program means that you can still find the specific brewery equipment that you need for your business but avoid this overwhelming upfront investment. Banks offer financing options as well but they know nothing about the industry and the financing options are clearly not designed to be a viable option for breweries.

Brewery Equipment Australia

Financing for new Breweries

Red Windows Capital is the financing alternative for breweries instead of going through a bank. Our expert knowledge in the winery and brewery industry and years of financing experience create for a much smoother experience for you.

We are not a faceless corporation; you can call and talk to us directly about your needs and concerns. We’ll work with you to make the financing simple, and we can organise and communicate with the brewery equipment suppliers. We look forward to hopefully working with you!

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