Financing Options for Harvesting Bins

Purchase or Rent Harvesting Bins in Australia

Harvest Bins Australia

In order to grow your winery or vineyard business you’ll most likely need harvesting bins. Red Windows Capital offer financing solutions for the rental of grape bins, fruit bin rentals and vegetable bin rentals in Australia as an alternative to purchasing harvesting bins out-right. Our “rental program” mean that your harvesting bins become an operating expense, meaning they stay off of the balance sheet. We can help your business with the financing of harvesting bins, placing orders through the best Australian harvest bins suppliers, arranging delivery and communicating with the supplier and paying the supplier invoice. The invoices are paid directly by us to allow for this financing option and it makes the process that one bit easier, as you only have to deal with us.

Harvest Bins for Sale Australia

Purchasing a new lot of harvesting bins can be very expensive but it is necessary in order to grow your Australian winery or vineyard. We want to make this simpler for you by redesigning the way that harvesting bins are typically bought for a business.

Instead of going through a faceless bank that know nothing about the wine industry; Red Windows Capital wants to be the winery experts who help you through acquiring your harvesting bins through simple financing.

Harvest Bins Rentals

Harvesting bins, grape bins, fruit bins and vegetable bins can end up being extremely expensive purchases for your business. An upfront payment for all these harvesting bins can be a very confronting and impactful business purchase.

Our Harvesting Bin rental program means that Red Windows Capital purchase the harvesting bins and you “rent” them, meaning this becomes an operating expense and stays off the balance sheet. As wine industry experts with experience in financing, we wanted to redesign the experience that winery and vineyard owners go through.

Grape bins are an integral product for your business and our goal with Red Capital Windows is to make the procurement and financing of harvesting bins a better process, along with wine barrels, wine equipment and other vineyard equipment.

Our team is made up of wine-industry experts with expert knowledge in the world of financing. Red Windows Capital makes it possible for you to acquire grape bins much quicker than doing it by yourself, and alleviates the large upfront payment of the grape bins. Having ordered, arranged delivery and communicated with suppliers for many years we have the experience needed to ensure a smooth process that gets you your grape bins fast and with a great financial plan.

Grape bins rental in Australia

How to rent vineyard bins

Red Windows Capital changes the way wineries, vineyards and fruit growers can look at the purchasing of equipment, machines and fruit bins. Instead of spending large upfront payments for fruit bins that sit on your balance sheet, we help businesses acquire fruit bins through our “rental program” meaning we purchase the fruit bins that you like and rent them back to you.

This means that the fruit bins become an operating expense and it won’t hold back your business from acquiring other necessary business purchases. If you are interested in hearing about our rental program and how we can help you finance your fruit bins and grape bins then please give us a call.

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