Spirit Barrel Financing in Australia

Financing options for Spirit Barrels

Financing for Spirit Barrels

Red Windows Capital is aimed at helping Spirit businesses in Australia with the procurement and financing of Spirit Barrels. To grow your spirit company, you’ll most likely need more spirit barrels. This large upfront payment can deter businesses from perusing growth and many spirit businesses cannot afford to do an upfront payment of all their barrel inventory.

Typically the next option would be looking up financing solutions through a bank. However, financing through banks creates a new set of challenges and the lack of personal service, lack of industry knowledge and no support through procurement, can make this option unviable. Red Windows Capital aims to create the ideal solution for you spirit company; our team of spirit-passionate and industry experts have the needed financing knowledge to help with your business growth.

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Red Windows Capital’s “rental program” aims to create an alternative to the large upfront cost of buying your spirit barrels. With our Spirit Barrels renting program, we avoid this for your business by purchasing the spirit barrels under Red Windows Capital. Your business will then rent these spirit barrels from us, meaning that they become an operating expense that stays off of your balance sheet.

We have designed this process to be as easy for you as possible. We will help you with placing the orders from the suppliers, arranging delivery and communicating with the supplier and we will pay the supplier’s invoice directly. This way you can deal with industry experts who have practice and experience in the purchasing of spirit barrels, distilling equipment and other machines for the industry.

Spirit Barrels for sale

Finding quality spirit barrels for sale in Australia will often lead you to large suppliers who have a great inventory and options. The difficulty with the upfront cost of large spirit barrel orders is that it may result in your business needing to postpone the order or to completely dismay the idea of this business purchase.

The Red Windows Capital Spirit Barrel rental program means that you can attain your Spirit Barrels much sooner and be supported throughout the ordering process with our industry-expert support. Through placing spirit barrel orders, to the communication and liaising with the supplier, we will be a helping hand to your business.

Banks offer financing solutions but they have definitely not been designed with the Spirit industry in mind. Our financing options are created for this sector specifically, as we have expertise knowledge, years of experience and a passion for the industry that other financing solutions cannot match.

With our rental program you’ll be able to acquire the quality Australian Spirit Barrels that you are after, with all the industry support along the process. We want to alleviate the stress, confusion, and convoluted procurement system into a very simple step by step process that will mean you get your spirit barrels faster and without the headache.

Spirit Barrels Rentals

Financing options for Spirit Barrels in Australia

If you are interested in getting a quote then please give us a call or send us an email and we would love to hear how we could work together. With years of experience in financing and in the Australian drinks industry we know that we can provide an excellent customer service with expertise knowledge. We pride ourselves on our personable financing experience that you won’t get with a bank or other financing solution. We look forward to hearing about your project and how we can help!

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