Distilling Equipment Financing in Australia

Financing for Distilling Equipment

Financing for Distilling Equipment

Owning a Distillery in Australia comes with many large investments and requires businesses to spend a lot on large upfront costs. The go-to financing option for businesses is to go to a bank, which has its benefits, but comes with a whole new set of drawbacks and challenges. Red Windows Capital aims to be your new financing solution for distilling equipment. We specialise in helping distilleries, wineries and breweries with financing options for their equipment and tool procurement. We’re not a faceless bank; we’re a team of distilling-enthusiasts who have a background in financing, and we would love to help your business grow.

Distilling Equipment Australia

Acquiring distilling equipment for your business isn’t an easy process. There is a long list of suppliers that all offer different equipment with different terms, and all require upfront payments. For your distillery to grow and keep investing in more areas of the business, it’s very difficult to spend all of your investments into just the machines and equipment.

Our goal is to help fix this issue as we found that it was very common in the industry. With Red Windows Capital, you can find the distilling equipment that you need, and “rent” it instead of one-time purchasing. We’ve designed this program to be much easier for you, less daunting and broken down the complicated to-do list into easy actionable steps with our support through the process.

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To keep your business growing the acquisition of distilling equipment is an important step. The difficulty with finding the right supplier, liaising with the supplier, paying the invoices, and communicating with them to ensure all purchases are delivered on time and to the right address is a huge hassle! Red Windows Capital wants to help you with the whole process to save you time and save you from a few headaches.

Instead of doing one large upfront payment for your new Australian distilling equipment, Red Windows Capital helps you with simple financing options that let you “rent” the distilling equipment that you are after. This means that you have less upfront costs, and the equipment becomes an operating expense that stays off of the balance sheet. The equipment is bought under our name and the monthly instalments are paid through us instead, simplifying the process even more so you can focus on running a distillery.

Our rental solution for distilling equipment makes the procurement of these machines, equipment and distilling products extremely easy. We can help you whether you need high quality copper distillers, stainless steel flutes, fermenter tanks, automation sensors, labelling machines, micro distillery equipment, steam distillation column machines, cleaning equipment and pumps.

Our process is designed to be as easy as possible for you by creating a simple step by step action plan that can get your business the distilling equipment when you need it.

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Financing options for Distilling Equipment in Australia

If you’re running a large-scale commercial distillery or a smaller boutique business, Red Windows Capital can help you with flexible financing options. We will help you find the suppliers of the best products for your company and provide you with all the support you need on this process.

Whether you want to produce more or to produce more efficiently, an upgrade in your equipment, machines and distilling products can make a world of difference. We would love to hear about your business and see if we can help you grow through our Red Windows Capital distilling equipment financing options.

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