Vineyard Equipment Financing in Australia

Financing for Vineyard Equipment

Vineyard Equipment Financing Options

In order to grow your vineyard business, it is often necessary to acquire more vineyard equipment. A lot of vineyard equipment in Australia can be very expensive which could be a potential barrier preventing you from expanding your business through necessary equipment procurement.

Red Windows Capital offer financing options for specifically vineyard equipment in Australia. This means that you can get access to vineyard equipment through financing designed for vineyard businesses. We’re not a bank or a faceless paycheque, we are a group of wine enthusiasts with an expertise in financing and the winery industry.

Vineyard Equipment in Australia

Red Windows Capital can help you grow your vineyard business through a financial alternative to buying vineyard equipment by offering financial options in vineyard equipment rentals. Our rental program means that the vineyard equipment becomes an operating expense, staying off your balance sheet.

We are industry experts in vineyards and wineries, so we would love to hear about your business and its goals. We don’t have cookie-cutter plans that pretend every vineyard business is the same, we’ll listen to your needs and try to create a financial plan suited for you with all the vineyard equipment you need to grow your company.

Vineyard Equipment for sale

Acquiring Vineyard Equipment can make a huge difference in the growth of your Australian vineyard business. Our goal at Red Windows Capital is to help you easily get financial help and distribution help with the vineyard equipment that you are looking for.

With years of experience with vineyards and extensive knowledge of the financing industry, we know that we can be a great partner to work with to help you grow your vineyard business. Whether you are looking for a specific machine or need a wide range of equipment in order to grow the company faster, we can help with the logistics and financing to make this possible.

We cover a range of vineyard equipment through our “rental program”. The “rentals” mean that your vineyard equipment becomes an operating expense, meaning they stay off of the balance sheet. We cover a list of vineyard equipment in Australia such as wine banks, grape crushers, wine fermenters, grape harvesters, wine barrel racks, vine pruners, cross flow filters, forklifts and more.

We can help you with placing the order, arranging delivery, and communicating with our suppliers, paying the supplier invoices, and helping you throughout the whole process. We are not a bank; we are a group with a passion for wineries and expertise knowledge of the financing industry.

Vineyard Equipment Rentals

How to buy Vineyard Equipment in Australia

Purchasing vineyard equipment in Australia is not always easy. With a confusing list of suppliers offering different equipment, little to no details about financing for wineries and no support throughout the procurement process; vineyard equipment purchasing in Australia has not been made simple.

At Red Windows Capital we want to make buying vineyard equipment easier for you, but also with less risk. Through our rental program we can help you finance the vineyard equipment you want, order and arrange delivery to you and break down the whole process into a step by step action plan. We would love to hear how we can help your business growth through vineyard equipment financing.

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