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Financing for Wine Equipment

Financing for Winery Equipment

Running a winery business comes with a long list of equipment and regular expenses. From processing to refrigeration, tanks, vats, pumps, filtration, flotation, winemaking technology, packaging, bottling, sparkling, steamers and more. In order to grow a winery business to either produce more or to produce more efficiently, a winery will require more of this different wine equipment or upgrades.

The large issue that we have seen in this industry is that the upfront costs are so incredibly high. This list of machinery along with the other endless costs of running a business mean that it can be very difficult to scale. The team at Red Windows Capital have years of experience in the winery industry and have years of experience in financing, which helped us to create a solution specifically designed for winemakers and wineries.

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Our solution to help winemakers scale their business through equipment procurement is a simple financing option that lets you “rent” the equipment that you are looking to buy. Red Windows Capital’s “rental program” allows you to still find the wine equipment that you are after but avoid these large upfront costs.

With our Wine Equipment Renting Program, we’ll help you find a great supplier for the machinery and equipment, place the orders, arrange delivery, handle all supplier communication and the supplier invoices are paid directly by Red Windows Capital. This renting program switches the upfront costs for digestible monthly instalments. Even better, this winemaking equipment will then become an operating expense that stays off of the balance sheet!

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Wine Equipment can include wine tanks, grape harvesters, vine pruners, cross flow filters, grape crushers, forklifts, liquid pumps and more. With years of experience in the winery industry and a real passion for creating superb wines, we know the amount of work and resources needed to create an outstanding wine.

Our Winery Equipment Rental Program isn’t like a bank loan. Banks don’t specialise in the industry and don’t have firsthand experience in the process like our team of wine enthusiasts. A faceless bank won’t provide half the service that we pride ourselves on and won’t provide the supplier support that make us stand out. We will place the orders for you, arrange delivery, communicate and liaise with the supplier and pay the invoices under our name.

Renting Australian winery equipment is an excellent solution to growing your business without having to fork out on large upfront costs that Australian suppliers ask for.

Our list of suppliers mean that we can source your needed equipment by a trusted Australian winery equipment brand. After choosing the wine equipment that you are after, Red Windows Capital will handle all communicating with the supplier, so you don’t have worry about liaising or arranging delivery. The supplier invoices will be paid directly by us, and your invoices will be broken down into monthly instalments, helping you avoid the large upfront costs. Australian suppliers require upfront payments so our “rental program” means that you can still acquire the machines and products needed without missing out on potential business growth.

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Financing options for Winery Equipment in Australia

Our financing options are designed to be very simple. We would love to hear about your winery or wine-related business to see if we would could be of service. Feel free to give us a call or email us using the contact form below. We pride ourselves on the personal service we offer over other financing options, being just one phone call away. If you have any questions or ideas on how to grow your business through winery equipment procurement then we’d love to help out!

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